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(Fri. March 29th - 6:30pm)
In a world full of chaos, turmoil and destruction with so much pain in every news reel, one has to find hope, peace, and happiness wherever one can. As most people know, the best place to find goodness is in music. It is this band's mission and commitment to provide a conduit of hope to a better place, even if it's only within our hearts.

Brian has been addicted to writing and performing music since he was a young teenager and has been a part of many bands: The Craving, Something Else, Phalanx, and many side projects. In each of these bands he learned a lot of things about music, writing, performing, and about himself in these different rolls. The summer of 2009 he decided it was time to write and play music in the exact setting hes always dreamed of. Specifically that meant adding instruments like piano and cello. His group of players are dedicated musicians whose goal is to bring you music that will enrich your life in some way.