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(Fri. March. 29th - 9:30pm)

In a desperate attempt to share his music with the world, Quinn Chivers is taking his passion for songwriting to the next level and beyond. Responding to a second chance at life, Quinn sought healing through music. He employed the groove laden skills of his experienced, yet up and coming drummer Clay Chivers (C Lazy). The brothers took a number of original songs and arranged drum parts and backing vocals. Impressed with the process and outcome of their efforts, Quinn and Clay ventured to incorporate a much needed bass player. Recent friend and work acquaintance Luke Watkins (Uncle Lukey) was a pefect fit. Luke came prepared with extensive musical background. Having played in numerous bands Luke came with not only bass skills, but great vocal contributions as well as an ear for arrangements and recording knowledge.

Chivers Timbers is a homegrown, lyrically driven, reggae flavored folk rock. This newly formed trio is turning out gripping musical expressions of life experiences in darkness and in light, through love and loss, all the while revealing characters we may all have known. Chivers Timbers music has been described as having an undeniable appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers and their grandmas.