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"Currently attending Salt Lake Community College
Achieving an associateís degree in communications, while heavily pursuing my passions as a young fine artist striving to communicate with the human race through various types and styles of art.

My main artistic focuses at this moment in time are canvass paintings with mediums such as: acrylic, oil, and black ink. I also enjoy making hip-hop music with my friends here in salt lake, all locally produced by D.K Piccolo. We are the Dine Krew, a group of young adults conducting influential and important movements within many communities around the salt lake area. Me alone and we together have also impacted other continents and cities with our music and visual art.

With the simple goals that I have within myself to change my surroundings for the better and touch peoples hearts to reveal emotions that will eventually strike conscious ability to change what is needed to change or improve. Not just for myself, but for others that I love and also for people that I donít necessarily know or have come into contact with, but share the same feelings that I do about how much fine art can do for our great city.

I love to travel and be in different environments just as often as I like to be home working on paintings or booking new show opportunities. You could see me as a real half and half type of guy to say the least. One day Iím feeling heavy and content with my current location and the next Iím wondering new and desolate landscapes of earth light as fiberglass feather. My most recent trip was in the summer of 2012 when I glided across the sky in a 747 then landed in beautiful Costa Rica to learn how to surf and husk coco nuts in exchange for English spelling and calligraphy lessons to the townspeople of Tamarindo.

I felt blessed and honored to learn how to surf but the waves were nothing in comparison to the look on the peopleís faces when they started to understand the differences in each letterís structure. Showing them a letter in font text, then cross referencing that letter with a calligraphy pen or a graffiti style mop letter, and comparing the sounds that each letter makes. Even though Spanish and English are very similar in many aspects there are small leaps and bounds in the lessons that acted as bridges in our communication gap, just a serifs, bars, and columns form together to create letters that bridge one word to the next. Without my background, foundation and dedication to art I would have never been able to reach out to the people of Tamarindo that summer.

I have been painting, sketching, and drawing for as long as I can remember but had a falling out in grade school spanning several years due to a sudden sports urge where I spent literally most of my time attempting to become great at: golf, basketball, skateboarding, and from time to time, freestyle fencing. Now I that I have matured and figured out what I really want out of life I figured out that I donít want to be a pro wheelchair man. Hahahah. I try to have a myriad of styles within my painting and differ from what is ďhotĒ or cool to paint not cause Iím a rebel or anything, I just think usually what is selling the most in the world can sometimes be mindless or lack a cause. Some can say that about my art like- ďits just lettersĒ or ďgraffiti culture is uselessĒ. Though In my opinion, the things that hold up large basis and pillars for a subject such as art are often unseen, misread, buried, and hidden beneath murky and uncertain waters that (metaphorically) is the future of art cultures and sub-art cultures on this earth.

Thatís why itís a great decision for you guys to have picked me for your show. Iím new, hungry and deserve a chance to show what I have. Everyone is misunderstood at some point in there life, but us young, exited, talented artists that call the murky uncertain waters home, we are the future of the fine arts world. Thatís why I AM SUBMERGED IN ART.