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(Sat. March 30th - 6pm)

Jesus or Genome is prominent Salt Lake singer/songwriter Michael Cundick's acoustic project. Although armed with a music career spanning more than a decade, the music stemming from Jesus or Genome is approximately a year old and is building momentum with the force of an artistic tidal wave. Drawing on the same timeless source as legends like Rocky Votolato, Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan, Jesus or Genome is able to draw listeners in immediately with original and virtuosic guitar playing coupled with sincere and visionary lyrics. At a time when the world is most desperate for a message that will transcend ordinary consciousness and overcome our differences, Jesus or Genome strives for no less than the ability to heal others and share the deepest of human experience through the medium of music. Over the last 12 years Cundick has played in numerous musical projects ranging from jazz to progressive hard-core. Most known for his work in Loom (, he has had the opportunity to be a part of numerous nationwide tours and has the draw and experience to promote successful shows in any environment, with a versatility that even works well with non-acoustic acts. For more information please visit Jesus or Genome on Facebook.

"I play music... A lot of it... for a long time now it seems... I have music that sounds like all kinds of things some of which you might not like but other that you might really like! I hope to be an active musician til the day i'm old and grey."