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(Fri. March. 29th - 7:15pm)
Mason and Carly have been playing music together since they met in 2001. They jammed their favorite cover songs at local pizza joints and open mic nights, but didnt start getting serious about writing their own music until 2004 when Mason and his boys formed the rock/garage-ish band Bella Rovina, and were nice enough to let Carly join too. Bella Rovina played seven shows, recorded one song, and broke up. The Precinct plays acoustic versions of some Bella songs and is constantly working on new ditties.

Each of The Precinct's songs contains a very distinct "flavor"--an unexpected addition that helps discern their original music from the rather large vat of acoustic dribble circulating through the indie music scene today. These flavors range from spoken word poetry to bluesy vocal scats; from folky finger picking and stortytelling to clever, dissonant harmonies; and from lyrical plays on words to sexy, intricate guitar work. Perhaps their most distinct flavor is thier nontraditional twist on the expected male/female musical dynamic