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All Night!!!
I began my sports marketing and production work while participating in a local MMA (mixed martial arts) promotion here in the state of Utah.  I had 13 professional fights and finished my career with 11 wins and 3 losses.  After my career as a fi0ghter ended I was asked to be a Co-host to the Ultimate Combat Experience television series; I gladly accepted...."Holding a microphone is easier than getting punched in the face for a living!!"

I was a part of the production team as talent for the UCE for 7 years; I learned a lot in those 7 years and was offered a job to promote events for Throwdown Elite, one of the largest MMA organizations in the US.

I promoted 5 events with Throwdown and now currently work as a spokes person for Rockwell Time, EVO Energy and WCFC (World Champion Full Contact) MMA organization.  I also host a radio show on Sports Radio 1280 The Zone called "The Rockwell Action Sports Report" where we discuss MMA and Action Sports.

I consider myself a fun loving person who has a passion for life.  Behind every good man is a great woman and I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of my beautiful wife Alexis!

I have known Josh and Adrienne for many years and had the pleasure of being a part of their family where I lived under their roof for a couple years.  I am honored that Josh and Adrienne asked me to be a part of this awesome event and great cause.

I also have to thanks Rockwell Time, EVO Energy and WCFC for there support and sponsorship