Friday, February 24th 6pm - 1am
Saturday, February 25th 6pm - 1am

2275 S. Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
"Above the Tap Room"

Suggested donation: $3

"All across the United States I've seen too much uninspiring, conventionally-created art and I'm bored by it.  I want to showcase talent that is often overlooked, breaks free of the mold, exists outside of the box and embraces innovative ideas.  What better environment to showcase that kind of work than a charity event that benefits the less-fortunate.  The 2012 Submerged in Art event will hopefully provide an eye-opening experience for the seasoned and the novice art collectors.  With a generous portion of the artist's sales and all proceeds from the prize-drawings, silent auctions and door donations benefitting the Road Home, I sincerely hope that Utahans will come out to support."

- Iosua Tai Taeoalii

Underground Herbal Spirit Bottle

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