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Know What I Think
by Iosua Tai Taeoalii

Nobody cares what I think about war
Nobody cares what i think about abortion
A portion of me is striving to be
A dignified MC with social intrigue
I currently see, Iím completely off key
The master padlock laughs uncontrollably.
iíll be brief, or briefly increase the terminology
I think scientology is shitty, but donít care
Believe what you want this time, cuz itís only fair
Iíll go against the grain,
Sprain my brains lexis obsessions, Iím depressed when
My expression is less than the average man,
Iím too fly to think ground, I know how that sounds, but itís true,
i want you and even you too, to realize who, I be, and what i can do, what iím capable of and what I came to see thru.
So before you adore yourself for posing brainless questions,
smack yourself, your ego and your suggestions, (are there any questions?)
Cuz, I know what i think, i know what i believe
I know what i know and i know what i see.

I know the worlds round
I know that girls sound similar to pain
I know that Godís tears are the rain
I know Wars are right
I know people need to fight for what they stand for
I know that readings a bore
I know that ghosts exist
I know that most resist to show their love
I know that God is mad up above
I know that cultures need to rub and embrace
I know itís ignorant to judge by race

And I raise my voice make noise for what I think.
Weíve all got a something to prove But who will be the one to make the first move
Those whoíve, expressed their weakness,
Have been attacked for their freedom of speeches

We beat this monkey off of our backs
Exploded on the scene, with keen exceptions of whack-Ideas,

but understand theyíre real and our own, blown away without much
I trust you sense my point,

Appointmentís adjourned, Now take a hike,
I donít like being questioned on spot
Whether or not,
it imposes on their rights or mine
I know jellyfish
have got more spine than hot-headed politicians
Politickiní, when they should have been pitchiní in.
Instead of Bitchiní in meetings, forging the failures we witnessed in history,
mysteries no longer a mystery
I wish weíd just settle our debts, and let Mexicans do the work where others wonít,
Donít force support for the issues important to you, hereís a tissue, now wipe away the poo,

The world is our oyster, and hereís your cracker
Jack went up the hill jill was on the pill
Now whatís that say about our backup......plan
Joins hands, burn candles for Uncle Samís children
Without sin they provide for another, their mothers carry the torch
While father and friends are drunk on the porch

I could go on and on for hours and hours
Why do flowers bloom in the spring why are hours sooner than we think, why do hot showers sting, why do cowards bow to kings, why did the towers ruin the ring,
Why do black girls sing, with more soul, why do we blow our nose, why do we have soles on our shoes, why do we call girls on the phone, why do we roll up a hose, why do we close and open a door, why do most men propose, why do we never know what time the game starts at the superbowl.
Why do white girls have no soul when they sing,
Please, turn out the lights......I know what i think.

I know that Godís mad (gods mad)
I know weíd be sad without poetry
I know that pain closes on the weak
I know death is hard
I know the children are scarred, from verbal abuse (verbal abuse)
I know womenís right to choose
I know that karma exists
I know sheís pissed by peoples disrespect
I know that the world is a wreck (is a wreck)
I know the parents need to care for their kids
I know our future will depend on this.

In the current state of the Union Iím moved to use instrumental wisdom
Iíve stored for reasons like this
I wish we had access to all the information in the air,
I swear Itís a rare thing,
for me to share any of my opinions on policies,
Iíve been earholed by the follies of a nation, in astronomical size
Like ollieing for the first time
(Iím surprised)No Iím surprised weíve crossed the line of morality appearing in the eyes of most,
But grossly I stayed silent and frozen
Until I was chosen
to speak on the topic in a bar,
and I was moved so far, not left nor right,
But down the center that night
to right the mind of an absent spiteful, termite.
Who just might be the same delight-ful Cuss I met in line
at the election booth, With a shine on her tooth and a sinful
Twinkle, in her eyes, ďIím gonna
Destroy this guyĒ,
I left her totally surprised,
I have facts, disguised as a clueless, Careless, jock MC,
with no opinions on policy.
ďSurprise, Surprise, surprise!Ē
You had no idea, I know what I think.

I know women lie (women lie)
I know that men die for what they believe
I know fears a neccessity
I know life is hard
I know the problems so far started in history (in history)
I know lifes big mystery
I know poverty sucks
I know moneyís the crux of suffering
I know love can be smothering (smothering)
I know the focus on mothering could be more
I know between love and hate is a war